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Wireless Networking

Are you planning to add an additional laptop or desktop to your home?  Or maybe add a wireless printer to your home, so you can get your printer access from any computer.

If you have high speed internet you can add a wireless router to share your internet connection with all of your computers.  We can install a network in your home in almost no time at all.  Not only can we share your connection, but also setup file and printer sharing for all of your networked computers.

We are experts are wireless networking.  We can setup any type of wireless network.  From a basic home wireless network to a multiple hotspot wireless we can do it all.  We will also ensure that your wireless network is as secure as possible.  We always use the highest encryption available and can adjust the security features of your router to achieve the highest level of security possible.

Wireless Security – Do I Need It?

Clients ask us all the time about wireless security and whether or not they need it, the answer is without question. Your home network needs to be secured to keep uninvited intruders out and to keep your data in. Without security, neighbors could use your internet connection to do anything, and their activity would be traceable back to you. Beyond this, a savvy person with a laptop could break into an unsecured network and potentially access or damage your files.

The good news is that security is easy – we only need to log into your router and set up WPA (or WPA2) security with a password. After that, any device that wants to connect to the network will have to enter a password and you are secure. If you need help setting up security, call us at (561) 420-4151

Wireless Reliability – I Keep Losing My Connection!

If you are suffering from a loss of connection on your wireless, it’s time to troubleshoot. ZNETPC is happy to come to your home or office and do the work for you.

Do you have big house? No problem.

No matter how big your house is, we can cover it with seamless wireless internet. We do this by simply adding more units to the network and placing them strategically through the building. No wiring needs to be done, the units communicate wirelessly to each other. This is a great way to get wireless to your upstairs, cottage, etc. It also works with any internet connection.

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"I found Jeff from Znetpc by doing a search on Google. He is exceptional. He told me the price up front and took only 2 hours to clean virus. My PC is running great now. Very reasonable and fast service."

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