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Computer Tune Up and Optimization Slow Computer


Over time, your computer gradually slows down and becomes less effective and unreliable. Because the slowdown occurs gradually, you may not notice the loss of performance. For optimal performance, your computer needs a tune-up on a regular basis.

We can restore your computer to its peak performance and improve its reliability. Tune-Up Checklist (Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 10). An Internet connection is required. 

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· Is it taking longer for your computer to start up or shut down?

· Do you have to restart your computer because of a computer freeze?

· Are you receiving error messages?

· Does your computer act sluggish or seem to run very slowly? 

· Are your programs not responding or crashing?

our tuneup covers


· Clean, compact, and repair the registry if possible.

· Check for file errors and repair if possible.

· Check for updated device drivers and install if necessary.

· Clean, test, and adjust monitor if necessary.

· Delete cookie files.

· Delete history files.

· Delete temporary internet files.

· Delete unnecessary shortcuts from desktop and start menu.

· Defrag the hard drive to improve system performance.

· Remove unnecessary programs from starting.

· Test laptop battery performance.

· Test the CPU.

· Test the hard drive.

· Test the memory.

· Check Wireless connectivity

· Test the network card and adjust if necessary. 

· Test the printer.

· Test the sound card, speakers, and microphone and adjust if necessary.

· Uninstall unnecessary programs.

· Update anti-spyware software, if available.

· Update anti-virus software, if available.